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Company economics is an area reflecting all managerial decisions, on all levels and everyone making such decisions should realize the implications of their decisions upon the effective running and profitability of the firm.

The economics division of the Scamo Company concentrates on the inner processes of our clients` companies. Although these are not the fundamental processes leading to success and growth of our clients, the way up without them would be very uneven, and in some situations their wrong function could have fatal and catastrophic consequences for these subjects.

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The building division comprises six individual teams which include two teams of locksmiths, one team of electricians, two teams of bricklayer and one team of steeplejacks for high and dangerous work.

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PROF SVAR, s.r.o.
a producer of original tow bars for the car industry with sales exceeding120 million KC has its base and production facility in Mnichovo Hradiště

SCAMO s.r.o.
294 26 Skalsko 140

EU - Czech republic

Ing. Melkus Jan
+420 737 258 848

Dvořák Zbyněk
+420 607 192 007


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